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KORE Design specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of 100% custom automotive appearance packages. Through the use of industry-leading manufacturing techniques, revolutionary equipment and visionary design – KORE sees itself as a leading fabricator within its field. Employing thermo-vacuum forming technology, KORE meticulously crafts its products from premium carbon or basalt fiber ensuring maximal consistency, weight reduction, tensile strength and aerodynamic performance. Each and every component within a KORE appearance package is expertly crafted by a team of 3D automotive engineers employing high-end laser scanners ensuring ideal fitment to the vehicle. The 3D modeled parts are brought to life on a 5-axis milling machine with two thousandth’s of a degree (.002°) precision. The end result is a form-fitting part with OEM fitment specifications, but with upgraded aerodynamic properties and design characteristics.

Through our constant 1-to-1 interaction with our clients, we have come to learn their preferences and as a result are able to create models that are 100% representative to their needs and lifestyle. We strive to produce unique tuning kits for premium automobiles, but at the same time offering reliable and convenient products for daily drivers.

Our entire product line meets the highest industry requirements, supported by all necessary quality certificates and patents. KORE Design guarantees the material’s high density and heat-resistance, in particular, the risk of splitting, tearing, cracking, reshaping, fading or yellowing in the sun is also covered. KORE Design warrants basalt fiber related parts for three (3) years and carbon fiber related parts for five (5) years.

We design & build exclusive products

Warrior Package

For Toyota Land Cruiser (200)

This package is crafted with the help of the latest technologies, ultra-precise equipment and premium materials – carbon & basalt fiber – in strict accordance with technological processes developed by Canadian specialists. The aerodynamic Warrior body kit meets the highest quality standards and is a patented product. As with all Kore Design products, this kit is backed by a 12-month manufacturer’s quality guarantee.

Starting from USD$8,450

Component Name
Price in USD(Basalt & Carbon Fiber)
Price in USD(Carbon Fiber)
Front Bumper Manufacturing Technology: Thermo-vacuum forming
2 950
4 650
Front Bumper Insert (Right) Manufacturing Technology: Thermo-vacuum forming
Front Bumper Insert (Left) Manufacturing Technology: Thermo-vacuum forming
Front Bumper Insert (Center) Manufacturing Technology: Thermo-vacuum forming
Lower Mesh GrillManufacturing Technology: Moulded ABS
DRL Lighting SystemHella LEDayFlex II 5
Rear BumperManufacturing Technology: Thermo-vacuum forming
2 700
4 100
Rear DiffuserManufacturing Technology: Thermo-vacuum forming
Dual Exhaust System
Exhaust TipsManufacturing Technology: Thermo-vacuum forming
Rear Spoiler Manufacturing Technology: Thermo-vacuum forming
8 450
11 760

In Development

In Development



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Being an industry leading manufacturer, KORE Design is has created premium aerodynamic body kits and parts in order to create a vehicle’s unique design and stand out from the crowd. KORE Design is one of a few design studios in the world that provides that manages the entire design and manufacturing process in-house using 100% carbon and basalt for its tuning kits. We have obtained all necessary quality certificates and patents for our products and materials.

By employing high-definition equipment and using modern technologies, KORE Design is able to manufacture all parts and components within its own facility. This allows us to control the entire manufacturing workflow as well as guarantee the quality of the end product.

KORE Design pays special attention to the technological process of the production framework. Our team is made up of highly-qualified specialists who are responsible for following strict compliance guidelines in terms of design and technical production.

1. Scanning

Firstly, our team makes use of high-precision Leica laser scanning equipment allowing us to obtain the most accurate three-dimensional data to build a 3D vehicle model.

2. Designing

Using the scanned parameters, engineers design the surfaces of the future aerodynamic body kit, taking into account vehicle OEM features. This allows us to create a high-quality product and simplify the future installation. As a result, the form-fitting aerodynamic mounts cleanly onto OEM points with no need of aftermarket adjustments or alterations.

3. Milling

The final production stage is to mill the master models. Milling is performed on the most accurate 5-axis milling machines, with a minimal infraction of one millimeter. After that, the final matrixes are extracted from the ready master models to get prepared for vacuum infusion. The finished parts of the body kit are formed from final matrixes where the client can choose the material. KORE Design uses only the best materials available on the market today – Carbon or Basalt fibers imported from Germany.



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